Win an iPad Mini

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Spring is here! Hopefully you're enjoying this beautiful, refreshing time of year like we are. Since you don't want to be bogged down at home, we thought you could use an iPad Mini for when you're on the go. We are dying to share more fabulous recipes, crafts, activities, ideas, and motivation with you, and we thought giving you an iPad Mini would make it a little easier to stay … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Beef Burgundy

Slow Cooker Beef Burgundy by

    I have to admit that I am head-over-heels-in-love with my slow cooker... we have a long standing relationship.  It makes dinner for me while I'm away in the day AND every time I walk into our meal basically ready go, I love it just a little bit more :) Slow Cooker Beef Burgundy is one of our families favorite dinners- beef and vegetables over pasta is just … [Read more...]

Kneaders Recipe Rosemary Focaccia Bread

Kneaders Recipe Rosemary Focaccia Bread by on

We are baking in the kitchen with Jen from Bakerette today... I'm a carbo-lovin-queen and her Kneaders Recipe Rosemary Focaccia Bread is totally making my mouth water... YUM!     During a friend's lunch break, she happened to see a mommy duck and 16 baby ducks (seriously, I'd give her mother of the year award just for having SIXTEEN babies except for what happened next) … [Read more...]

Triple Berry Cobbler

Triple Berry Cobbler by

Triple Berry Cobbler is made with all kinds of fresh berries and the topping is one of my Gram's recipes... which means it's AMAZING. (of course) [easyrecipe id="16176" n="0"]     I know my Triple Berry Cobbler will make you as happy as it makes me... it's a wonderful dessert this time of year when all the berries are in season. Happy Spring and Happy Baking! xoxo~ … [Read more...]

Super Saturday #40

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Thanks to everyone who shared recipes, projects, and ideas with us over the weekend during our Super Saturday Link Party! We're always so intrigued by the wide variety of links we get to explore each weekend. And we're really thrilled by the way you are helping this party to grow. With Easter just around the corner, we couldn't help but select favorites this week that gave us good … [Read more...]

Strawberry Shortcake Cookies

Strawberry Shortcake Cookies by

Little Miss Gab's and I have had so much fun this week baking and sharing our Kraft Foods spring dessert recipes with y'all... Did you see our Classic Angel Flake Cake and Banana Foster Pudding Squares?  Oh my.  They're SO simple to make and SO tasty too- which is the best combination ever, right?!  Agreed. Our last Kraft Foods spring dessert recipe is a little something we … [Read more...]

Banana Foster Pudding Squares

Banana Foster Pudding Squares by

  Little Miss Gabby and I have baked up another fabulous dessert recipe from Kraft Foods but with our own little twist added and we are super excited to share it with y'all... Banana Foster Pudding Squares and it's SO simple to make but oh soooo very tasty! We had a lot of fun making this yummy spring treat!  First, we placed our Reduced Fat Nilla Wafers in a gallon zip lock … [Read more...]

Grilled Tuna Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Tuna Cheese Sandwich by on

I'm so happy to have Kami from No Diets Allowed here with us today. She's brought a delightful and healthy Grilled Tuna Cheese Sandwich to share AND it looks amazing! I'll turn it on over to her :) Enjoy! Don't believe a grilled tuna cheese sandwich could be healthy? Well, prepare to deceive your taste buds with a little twist on the classic grilled cheese. I sneak in an avocado, … [Read more...]

Classic Angel Flake Cake (kraft)

Classic Angel Flake Cake by

  Get ready cuz we're going to have all kinds of fun in the kitchen this week with Kraft Foods! YUM.   Can I just say, I was more than thrilled to be able to prepare and create delightful spring dessert recipes with this packed-with-yummy-ingredients basket that Kraft sent over...    Y'all will be thrilled too... three fabulous spring dessert recipes coming your way. I can't … [Read more...]

Lamb Chop with Mushroom Spaetzle

Lamb Chop with Mushroom Spaetzle on

As most of you know, I'm currently enrolled at a local university in culinary school.  This block has been pretty intense... I haven't had a chance to write much about it because it seems like I am always running, running to get everything done.  AND honestly, it takes a little more time.  But, I ended up with a couple of extra days off this weekend so I figured it was about time … [Read more...]

Super Saturday #39


Happy Weekend, everyone! We're delighted that you came to our party. The link up is live and ready for you to share your projects, just make sure you follow the guidelines below: When you link up, you are giving us permission to feature your project on our blogs and social media with a link back to you. We'll feature our favorite projects from this weekend's party next Thursday! (Click … [Read more...]

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

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I'm so happy to have Dru visiting from Polka Dot Poplars with us today. She's brought a whole bunch a fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas to share and they're so adorable! I'll let Dru take it from here... Hi Everyone! I'm so excited to be here again. Happy Spring! Easter has been on my mind. I love all that it represents and why we celebrate it. This is first in my mind, but I love the … [Read more...]