Jack & Lila

First there was Jack…

Jack with Lila Sleeping

We adopted Jack when he was 9 months old… one of my best friends, Emily, is a vet and she found him for us.  AND since she did such a great job with him… we decided to let her find our new puppy, Lila, too!

Emily and I ended up getting sisters from the same liter… Millie and Lila

Ruthie with Lila and Emily with Millie

 Since we’ve officially become a “dog family” (doggie clothes and all) we just had to have a Jack and Lila page.

Kate and Madi with Lila and Jack 2011


Jack and Kate

While I was away for the weekend last December, Lila’s leg accidentally got broken, very traumatic but she’s all better now!!

Lila with a broken leg : (

Jack and Lila are good friends… they love to run around the yard and Jack lets Lila bite his ears, they even save each other food and everything.

Jack and Lila …napping

Lila and Millie were reunited a few months ago and now that they’re all grown up they still had tons of sister doggie fun together…

Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Bars by whatscookingwithruthie.com

Lila (black) and Millie (white)

This is a photo of Jack and Lila playing in the snow- who knew they would end up Best Friends AND we would end up loving them so much?!

Lila and our First Snow by whatscookingwithruthie.com