Strawberry Shortcake Cookies

Strawberry Shortcake Cookies by

Little Miss Gab's and I have had so much fun this week baking and sharing our Kraft Foods spring dessert recipes with y'all... Did you see our Classic Angel Flake Cake and Banana Foster Pudding Squares?  Oh my.  They're SO simple to make and SO tasty too- which is the best combination ever, right?!  Agreed. Our last Kraft Foods spring dessert recipe is a little something we … [Read more...]

Classic Angel Flake Cake (kraft)

Classic Angel Flake Cake by

  Get ready cuz we're going to have all kinds of fun in the kitchen this week with Kraft Foods! YUM.   Can I just say, I was more than thrilled to be able to prepare and create delightful spring dessert recipes with this packed-with-yummy-ingredients basket that Kraft sent over...    Y'all will be thrilled too... three fabulous spring dessert recipes coming your way. I can't … [Read more...]

Jake’s Triple Decker Cake

Jake's Triple Decker Cake by

This is my Jake, he's the youngest of my kiddos, AND he just so happens to know his way around the kitchen!  (which I LOVE about him.) The other day he got home from school and started baking away in the kitchen...  Jake's Triple Decker Cake was what came out of it :) I thought it would be fun to share with invention with y'all... it was a delightfully wonderful … [Read more...]

Skinny Pumpkin Fluff

Skinny Pumpkin Fluff by

I've been in the mood for everything pumpkin flavored lately... it must be that time of year again. That bowl of pumkin-delicious-ness is going to make you very happy :) Skinny Pumpkin Fluff is perfect with those cute mini graham crackers or apple slices too. [easyrecipe id="15188" n="0"] * If you'd like to cut the calories in this recipe even more use sugar-free vanilla … [Read more...]

Fruit Cookie Pizza

Fruit Cookie Pizza by

  Summer is the perfect time of year for berries and they're the inspiration for this delightful Fruit Cookie Pizza!   [easyrecipe id="14595" n="0"] *  My good friend, Debbie, gave this recipe to me.   Fruit Cookie Pizza is a fun dessert to take along to any get together this summer! The crust is a delightful twist on the typical sugar cookie crust... I think this … [Read more...]

Guava Cake

Guava Cake by

Guava Cake... Have you ever had this delicious Guava Cake ?   I tasted it a couple of years ago at a neighborhood gathering and I loved it!  I wanted to get the recipe back then but I spaced it until... my friend brought this cake to Bunco last week and I fell in love all over again!  Thanks to Rachel for sharing this delicious recipe :) [easyrecipe id="12661" n="0"] * adapted … [Read more...]

Giant Pumpkin Eclair

Giant Pumpkin Eclair by

Hi my name is Maria. I am the cooking mama behind, Maria's Kitchen, the recipe segment over at . My grandma always said I was born with a sandwich in my hand. I have to agree, however, I think Grandma failed to notice the wooden spoon I had in my other hand! Cooking and eating are still two of my favorite past times but now I have my husband and three … [Read more...]

Fake Cheesecake

Fake Cheesecake by

Fake Cheesecake is every bit as addicting as "real" cheesecake BUT! there's NO baking required :)   [easyrecipe id="7541" n="0"]   My Best Friend, Carol, brought this to a BBQ we had the other night AND it was just delightful!  I told her I needed to blog it and she happily agreed... of course, I made her snap a picture with the display plate :)  Then we promptly shared … [Read more...]

Strawberry Trifle

Strawberry Trifle

Strawberry Trifle how else do I describe this Trifle than by saying it's a beautiful blend of flavors, strawberry with creaminess, AND just plain delicious!!   It's a wonderful dessert to make for Mothers' Day which is coming on Sunday, May 13th!!     AND the best part!!!  It's really very simple to make... * I got this recipe from my sister, Camey, so many … [Read more...]