Slow Cooker Lumberjack Chili

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  Slow Cooker Lumberjack Chili is the another fabulous S.C. recipe to keep you warm and cozy this winter... I spent the weekend visiting my family down south of us and the weather is much warmer there- 60 degrees felt like heaven to this I'm-so-sick-of-winter girl. It was so good to see everyone and play with my nieces and nephews outside in the sun :) [easyrecipe … [Read more...]

Carol’s Chicken Tortilla Soup

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Hold on tight to your britches cuz this is another delicious recipe from my best friend, Carol Ray.... Carol's Chicken Tortilla Soup can be made 2 ways... quick and easy in the slow cooker or the original way (which is not so quick)! Either way you make it's a savory dish that the whole family will love. [easyrecipe id="15611" n="0"]   Carol's Chicken Tortilla Soup will … [Read more...]

Mini Caprese Salad Skewers

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Kami from No Diets Allowed is here visiting with us today. She's sharing her Mini Caprese Salad Skewers!  Which look amazing. I absolutely LOVE everything caprese :)  It's one of my all time favorite flavor combinations!  What a fun healthy and festive appetizer for the Holidays. I'll turn it on over to Kami...   [easyrecipe id="15565" n="0"]   I can't believe … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Vegetable Beef Soup

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Many of you know my bestie, Carol, is as much of a foodie gal as I am.... it must be one of the reasons we are such good friends :) She made this Slow Cooker Vegetable Beef Soup and believe me it's 'souper' good... Look at all those yummy veggies with beef chunks and tomato broth... you know you want it!  Yes, you do.   You'll be so happy with how simple it is to make AND like … [Read more...]

Thick and Chunky Chili with Sirloin


We are in the kitchen with Jen from Bakerette today and she has cooked up a savory Thick and Chunky Chili with Sirloin to share with us! It looks amazing, especially yummy this time of year as the weathers getting colder and winter is almost here.  I won't keep you waiting any longer...   Hello What's Cooking With Ruthie fans! I'm Jen from and I'm excited to be back … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Veggie Chili

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I have squash coming out my ears!  Seriously. What are you supposed to with all the stuff?  I love it BUT... it takes some creativity to actually use all the zucchini and yellow squash that a couple of plants will produce :)  AND so this Slow Cooker Veggie Chili was a little something I whipped up the other day! [easyrecipe id="15098" n="0"] AND that cornbread is a delicious recipe … [Read more...]

Margherita Naan Bread Pizza

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Can you all believe how fast the summer is flying by?   The kids already started back to school last week and I can hardly believe it! You're just going to love how easy and delicious these Margherita Naan Bread Pizza are... [easyrecipe id="14896" n="0"] *naan bread is a flat bread that can usually be found in the deli section of most grocery stores- I got mine at Costco I … [Read more...]

Lime, Black Bean, and Quinoa Salad

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I love a light salad as a meal in summertime... Lime, Black Bean, and Quinoa Salad is the perfect beat-the-heat dinner!   [easyrecipe id="14726" n="0"]   Not only is this Lime, Black Bean, and Quinoa Salad super easy to make but it's healthy AND it will definitely hit the spot!! I hope your week is going well... I am keeping up with things around here!  I'm not quite … [Read more...]

Taco Casserole

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Taco Casserole is a groovy and exciting way to serve up a good ole' taco ;) [easyrecipe id="14508" n="0"] It sure is a nice way to cut down on a little bit of the mess with this baked Taco Casserole... it's perfect for the whole family! I'm SO happy it's Friday!!  We've had a week of rainy weather- which is perfect for that newly planted garden.  BUT... I must admit I'm … [Read more...]

Artichoke Chicken Rustigo

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This recipe is a long time family favorite- it's quick and I love all the flavors together!  YUM!   Artichoke Chicken Rustigo is a delightful dinner that's simple to make AND tastes fabulous too! [easyrecipe id="14298" n="0"]   You'll be SO happy with this Artichoke Chicken Rustigo recipe it's quick, tasty, and a healthy dinner that the whole family will enjoy! Rosemary … [Read more...]

Garden Veggie Salsa and Gourmet Garden

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Garden Veggie Salsa and Gourmet Garden AND a giveaway!!   Have you seen these amazing Gourmet Garden herbs in the produce section of the grocery store??  I found them several months ago and fell immediately in LOVE with them!  They're just like having fresh garden herbs right in your fridge!!  AND the best part?  They last forever (well, almost!)  They need to be kept … [Read more...]

Vegetable Lasagna

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Vegetable Lasagna I whipped this up the other day with all kinds of vegetables from our garden!  It turned out SO deliciously well that I'm sharing it with all of you too :)   [easyrecipe id="8577" n="0"]   Vegetable Lasagna  is just cheesy-yummy-good! It even had some of our egg plant hidden in it that I shared with you on our garden tour  How our garden grows … [Read more...]